Welcome to the VSim Repository and Archive!

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VSim is a simple-to-use interface for exploring computer models of historic sites and environments. Designed to support both teacher-centered presentations and student-centered assignments, this NEH-funded software is perfect for classroom use.

The VSim interface is flexible, and can fit into any classroom. Click here to download the software.

Once you’ve downloaded the VSim software, browse the archive to download models, narratives, and embedded resources. The VSim Repository and Archive preserves academically generated models for use in both formal and informal educational settings. Scholars across the country have constructed these models to exacting standards, so they are ideal teaching and learning resources.

Interested in using VSim in your classroom? Before getting started, watch this tutorial and review the VSim Software user guide. A quick tour can be found here.

Interested in contributing a model? Before getting started, review the VSim Archive user guide (coming soon). To contribute models to the VSim Repository and Archive, create a user account and request an upgrade to content creator status. Click here to get started.

For more detailed information about the VSim software and repository, visit our About page.